We wrapped up another wonderful batch of Stop Motion Animation for 7-10 year olds last week and we had so much fun! Our participants explored using paper cutouts as well as other media like felt sheets, beads, pipe cleaners, pom pom balls and clay.

Getting the first paper cutout animations took their own sweet time because we couldn’t get things right at the first go but what’s experimentation and exploration without errors and retakes? We finally did get them right though and you would enjoy watching them as much as we did!

Kids also tried their hand at shooting an ad film and they were pretty excited about how that turned out. It took plenty of brainstorming, teamwork and creative inputs to decide how to animate all that they wanted to show. Doesn’t watching this make you crave for a pizza right now? 😉

For us, the points to ponder after this expedition:

  • Most 7-year-olds are pretty restless with short attention spans. Are these really the right avenues to engage them? Perhaps not. We are starting to feel more strongly that our current expeditions are really for the 8+ age group. It’s incredible how the abilities of a child grow from one year to the next!
  • A 12-16 hours program is sure enough to introduce the kids to a new creative medium to express themselves through, but a much longer engagement is required on a regular basis to touch upon the finer aspects and to assess any development of logical design thinking in kids. The ideal way to do this would be for schools to offer such activities *during* school hours. Another couple of decades before that happens in Indian metros?

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