As Sailboat gears up for its summer camp with an exciting variety of expeditions for different age groups, it might be worthwhile for you as a parent to answer the question: Why Sailboat for my kid?

Jotting down a few key factors here that are at the core of our pedagogy:

  • Applied learning: Teaching theory without application is not for us. We all learn faster and better and have FUN when we realise the relevance of what we are learning by applying it.
  • No inhibitions: Discipline is important but so is letting kids be kids. That’s when their best ideas emerge! When they are loving what they are learning, discipline will automatically follow (well…most of the time 😉)
  • Guided exploration: Let kids explore and learn new things on their own with us acting only as facilitators. Don’t give the answers; ask the right questions and let them discover. This lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Personal attention: We keep our batch sizes small with a facilitator-learner ratio to 1:4 or even better. This is especially important when the whole group is not compelled to do exactly the same thing. Also, this allows for kids to make mistakes and enough time to resolve them.
  • Freedom to express: Under a few loosely based guidelines, let kids choose what they want to create. It gives them a sense of ownership and the end results are so amazing!
  • Exposure to variety: It is important to let kids explore and experiment with a variety of hands-on learning areas, and discover for themselves what all excites them. They can then choose to persist in their chosen direction(s) through self-learning or advanced programs offered by us or other educators.
  • Learning is a two-way process: Be open to learning from the kids. They have much more to teach us than we might think 🙂

Our content is designed by highly experienced and passionate individuals from the fields of computer science, design, technology and education. A ton of thought and effort goes behind delivering an enriching experience for the kids. In addition, we believe that mixed age groups, peer learning, and building a community of creators are also critical to sustained learning. We are constantly working towards achieving these goals 🙂

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