We had a great run this summer with our Summer Curiosity Cruise that covered 17 batches with 86 explorers aboard. It was a great opportunity for us to work with lots of kids and fine-tune our approach. We are constantly listening to feedback from our facilitators, parents and kids to make our expeditions more useful and engaging. The positive changes that we would like to see in our explorers are possible only through their continued engagement with hands-on learning and guided exploration.

With that aim, Sailboat announces its first long expedition into the territory of Game Design for 8-10 year olds! 🙂 Whether your kids have never explored coding or already have had a shot at it through Animation with Code, Game Design or Robotics with us, here’s a chance for them to up their creative coding skills with this 3-month expedition.

Starts July in Nahar, Chandivali. Registrations are now open! Free demo session on June 27. Contact us now at 9930835419/9920860432 to know more.

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