We like to think of our courses as expeditions – venturing out into the unknown on an adventurous journey, exploring and learning with peers, and achieving something momentous at the end. Watch out this space for a variety of expeditions that we are planning. There’s always something new to discover!

Stop Motion Animation


Let your creativity fly and make fun, quirky animations using the stop motion technique – the oldest film-making technique used to create magic on screen!

Learn the art of storytelling, screenplay, and filming to take an idea from conception to completion. Bring seemingly inanimate objects to life and share your creations with the world. Multiple styles available.

Age group: 8-12

Game Design


Learn the fundamentals of coding and use them to create your very own computer games. Your design, your rules, your code! Let others join in the fun of playing your games by easily sharing them.

Available in three progressive levels, no prior experience with coding is necessary for Level 1.

Age group: 8-12

Animation with Code


Do you have a story to tell? Come capture the attention of your audience with colourful visuals, your very own characters, and a script for them to act to!

Sharpen your algorithmic thinking skills, learn the basics of computer coding, and make digital animations using the Scratch application. No prior experience with programming required.

Age group: 8-12

Android App Design


Ever dreamt of that perfect idea for an app that you think would be so cool to have? Wait no more! Bring that germ of an idea out and give it wings.

App design is not just about that unique idea but also about implementing it in a user-friendly way. Learn the basics of design thinking and coding while you build your very own app. Some familiarity with block-based coding is desirable.

Age group: 10-14

Toy Design


What comes to your mind when you think of a toy? Endless play and lots of fun? Well, that’s exactly what this expedition is about!

Join us on a trip to the fascinating world of toys and find out for yourself what makes them tick! Then let your imagination fly and make your very own simple toys to take home. Oodles of delight guaranteed.

Age group: 6-8

Robotics (New!)


Come play with robots, strengthen your logical thinking, and take your coding skills to the next level while making the robots do numerous fun tasks. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

Available in two progressive levels. No prior experience with coding required.

Age group: 6-10

Comic Book Design (New!)


If you love drawing and storytelling, this one’s for you! Discover your unique style by creating characters, expressing through illustrations, and sequencing the events to create your own comic book and bring your stories to life!

Age group: 6-10

Arduino Electronics (New!)


Learn about circuits and Arduino-like microcontrollers, and get your hands dirty with code to build supercool digital projects. Unlimited fun guaranteed! Some familiarity with block-based coding is desirable.

Age group: 10-14

Art with Code (New!)


Combine the powers of mathematics, art and coding to create cool art on your computer. A basic understanding of geometrical shapes, their sides and angles is required. Those who enjoy maths and art will love it; those who don’t will start loving them after attending this expedition!

Age group: 10-14