Android App Design


Ever dreamt of that perfect idea for an app that you think would be so cool to have? Wait no more! Bring that germ of an idea out and give it wings.

App design is not just about that unique idea but also about implementing it in a user-friendly way. Learn the basics of design thinking and coding while you build your very own app. No prior experience with design or code necessary.

Age Group: 10-12/13-15
Duration: 30 hours (2-3 hours per session)



Pranav Jha, 11 years old, Android App Design Expedition participant

August 2018

When I first came to the class, I thought it would be extremely studious and strict. But our teachers were just like friends. They let us open ourselves and express every single thought in a friendly way. This class exposed me to a completely new world of computers and new wonders of the modern marvel. I just loved this class. There was only one problem – it was too short!